The Trip


The road ends at Panermos..  

From Panermos, aboard Captain Yannis' trehantiria (traditional Greek watercrafts) we head southwest towards the beach of Rina. 

We are going to pass by Ayia Triada, Lakkos, Ksekofto, Adrious, Spedo and Papa-Yanni -natural bays, untouched by time. Our gaze will wander off in authentic scenery and our mind will travel back in time. In this part of the island, we will stand watching the nature and the history in awe, without dominating it! 

Our final destination is the bay of Rina. 

First, we are going to anchor in front of the sea cave. Accompanied by the crew, we can swim inside the cave! 

After that, we are going to stop at the beach, where we will have time to relax and enjoy the unspoilt scenery, drink water from the spring and explore the seabed. 

The duration of the trip is 2 hours.